IPU President pledges to work closely with Africa

Inter-Parliament Union (IPU) President, the Rt. Hon. Gabriela Cuevas BARRON has pledged to work closely with Africa as a token of appreciation for the support extended in her run-up to the IPU presidential elections in 2017.

Addressing the 10th Conference of Speakers of African Assemblies and Senate during the Pan-African Parliament's sitting of Permanent Committees in Midrand, South Africa, Hon. Barron said Africa showed trust in her and voted her in the highest office of the Union.

She also said, in her attempt to create regional balance in the Permanent Committees, she would add five seats in the anti-terrorism Committee to be taken by Africa as there is an apparent struggle in that area. “This endeavor will go a long way in creating a peaceful world,” she underscored.

The Rt. Hon. Barron urged the Pan-African Parliament to walk in the same direction as the IPU to be able to address the many challenges taking place globally, such as climate change and free trade.

The IPU President also spoke strongly on the need to renew dreams and purpose of the Union saying "When IPU was formed, chief among their objectives was to promote democracy yet 130 years later, it remains a challenge. Now it is time to fight for democracy and not populist totalitarian regimes. This is the moment to renew our dreams and purposes."

IPU is a global organization of national parliaments that works with Parliaments to safeguard peace and drive positive democratic change through political dialogue and concrete action.