Mrs Bridgette Motsepe RADEBE appointed PAP Goodwill Ambassador

The Pan-African Parliament has appointed business mogul, Mrs. Brigitte Motsepe RADEBE as a goodwill Ambassador during the August Committee Sittings of the Pan-African Parliament, with the hope her involvement would bring a new vision for the aspired Pan-Africanism.

Mrs. Motsepe-RADEBE and the PAP President signed a Memorandum of Understanding to mark this appointment at the PAP headquarters.

The Rt. Hon. Roger Nkodo DANG, President of PAP said, “She was the first woman I identified working and doing extremely well in the mining industry. We need her experience and expertise because Africa is an extremely rich continent with mining, raw materials and so on. On the other hand; many women shy away from claiming their share in this industry,” he said.

The PAP President added that “PAP is the Parliament of Africa, and there is need for many experienced people to increase its effectiveness and visibility. When I went through her CV, I saw that she has capacity for almost everything we are doing at PAP.”

PAP believes this appointment would motivate women and that it is an opportunity for the continental Parliament to showcase the ability and capability of African women to the entire world.

Among others, the Goodwill Ambassador’s main work will be to add value to the Permanent Committees on trade and gender.

Mrs. Motsepe-Radebe started mining in the 1980s, managing individual shaft mining operations and producing materials for the larger mine operations in South Africa. She also serves as President of the South African Mining Development Association and is a member of the New Africa Mining Fund.