Development of Model Laws for ACLI implementation towards finalisation.

The process of development of model laws meant to guard the implementation of the African Climate Legislative Initiative (ACLI) is set to be finalized during the 2019 October Plenary Session.

This was said by Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) during a consultative meeting on ACLI at the sitting of the Permanent Committees of the fifth Parliament. ACLI is set to provide capacity building, networking and coordination in climate change dialogue and response processes both in Africa and globally.

Addressing the Permanent Committee on Rural Economy, Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources, Mr. Mithika MWENDA, PACJA Executive Director said "the process of development of model laws for the implementation of ACLI would be presented to Parliament for adoption, to allow implementation to start in tandem with the Paris Agreement which comes into effect next year."

Mr. Mwenda reiterated the need for solid unity between the MPs and Civil Society Organizations on climate advocacy in Africa. On the other hand, Hon. Mamedi SIDIBE from Mali who also urged parliamentarians to exert more pressure through ACLI in driving the climate change agenda as well as holding governments accountable.

"PAP and ACLI have a big role in holding not only African but international governments such that of the United States and China who are the biggest polluters. This can only be achieved through raising our voices in unison as African countries through PAP and other platforms," said Hon. Sidibe.