PAP hosts Civil Society Forum

The Pan-African Parliament (PAP) hosted a forum of civil society organizations on the sidelines of the 2nd Ordinary Session of the fifth Parliament currently underway in Midrand.

The event was organised by PAP in conjunction with University of Pretoria's Centre for Human Rights. The aim of the Civil Society Forum is to foster closer collaboration between and among CSOs on PAP related issues the one hand, and between CSOs and the PAP on the other, with a view to advancing and promoting the mandate of the continental Parliament.

This year's Forum focused on the African Union theme of the year 2019 among others. Gathered at the PAP were representatives of South Africa-based civil society organisations, including university students and members of academia; Representatives of civil society organisations from other regions of Africa; as well as PAP Members and Secretariat.

First vice President of the Pan African Parliament, Hon. Stephen Julius Masele said civil society can play a critical role in lobbying countries ratify Malabo Protocol.

PAP takes civil society seriously and want effective agagement with them, that is why we have agreed to be part of this forum to strengthen that engagement.Civil socities' lobbying will be key in the ratifications particularly the Malabo Protocol,"he said.

He also spoke of PAP and its objectives of harnessing views and aspirations of African people into one while explaining that this can only be achieved by bringing on board the civil society.

"Pan-African Parliament aims to gives African people a voice and these objectives cant be achieved if mechanism to incorporate views and aspirations of our people are not in place, and the role of the civil societies cant be over emphasised,"said Hon. Masele.