The African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) has launched the Africa Governance Report (AGR).

The AGR assessed the implementation of the African Union shared values by the member states in areas of governance, transformational leadership, constitutionalism and the rule of law, interrelationships of peace, security and governance, the nexus of development governance and the role of Regional Economic communities (RECs) in African Governance.

The Report shows the strongest improvement on socio-economic development, while the least improvement is on democracy and leadership, but also concretely recommends how the challenges could be addressed.

Delivering remarks during the opening ceremony, PAP President, Hon. Roger Nkodo DANG reaffirmed the commitment of the PAP to partnerships that drive the socio-economic development of the African Continent. The PAP President congratulated the APRM Team, his colleague and CEO, Prof. Eddie MALOKA for diligence in taking up and delivering an assignment to compile and tell the African Story that is intended to inform development efforts.

Prof. Maloka referred to the Report as the first of its kind. " The AGR is an introspection of Africa by Africa. It is a mirror that only presents the reality of the status of Africa. It shows that Africans are ready to confront their challenges across the board," he underscored, thanking all countries for supporting the initiative.

The launch is attended by the PAP Bureau, PAP Chairpersons of different Bureaus, Members of Parliament, the Acting Clerk of the Pan-African Parliament Mr. Yusupha JOBE, Ambassadors of African States resident in both Addis Ababa and Pretoria, African Union Organs, Students and other stakeholders.

Hon. Baleka MBETE, Speaker of the South African Parliament, representing President Cyril Ramaphosa said the Report is presented at an auspicious time for South Africa as it prepares to go to the polls in May. South Africa was one of the first countries to accept to be subjected to peer review. Hon. Mbete thanked African Leaders for supporting the process saying it is an indication of openness and willingness to see the improved governance, transformation and development of the continent. 

"We are not judging each other. There should not be fear to undergo peer review. We therefore look forward to seeing all 55 countries of Africa subscribing to the African Peer Review Mechanism," Hon. Mbete said as she declared the Africa Governance Report launched.