Silencing the Guns requires commitment to treaties: PAP warns Africa

Pan-African Parliamentarians have spoken with one voice that ‘silencing the guns’ will be difficult to achieve if Member States continue to disregard their very own commitments and treaties.

Speaking during the sitting of the PAP Permanent Committees’ joint workshop on the African Union theme, ‘Silencing the Guns: Creating Conducive Conditions for Africa’s Development,’ in Midrand, Members of Parliament(MPs) reiterated the need for Member-States to respect and commit to the treaties that promote peace.

Hon. Sidia Sama JATTA from the Gambia called on continental Legislators to be exemplary by enforcing the Protocols that the respective nations adopt. “African nations must respect the protocols they enter into and it is our duty as Pan-African Parliamentarians to enforce them in our domestic Parliaments,” he said.

Some Parliamentarians emphasized on the need for bluntness and a collective responsibility for the continent to achieve its goal. “The actions which are causing chaos in Africa are known to all, but people choose to dance around them without frankly confronting them head-on. It is high time we acted responsibly by putting people we represent first, before ourselves,” said Hon. Sen. Bala IBN NA’ALLAH from Nigeria.

Hon. Prof Ogenga-Latigo Morris WODAMIDA from Uganda cautioned MPs on loyalty and objectivity saying the biggest problem faced by Africa is that most of the beneficiaries of the current dispensations are currently in Parliament, hence it becomes difficult for Africa to achieve its goal.

“The reason it won’t be easy for the continent to silence guns is that some of us are beneficiaries of the political mischief currently prevalent on the continent. Attacking such practices is tantamount to attacking our bread and butter and we won’t take lightly to that,” he said.

Cameroonian MP, Hon. Sylvestre Naah ONDOA also highlighted foreign interference as the reason which perpetuates conflict in Africa. “We should also not forget that the interest of foreign powers also feeds this chaos that is happening in Africa. We need to resist it with all that we got,” he said.