Permanent Committees call for accelerated strategy on African Health Financing

The Pan-African Parliament Committee on Gender, Family, Youth and People with Disability and the Committee on Health, Labour and Social Affairs have jointly resolved to strengthen the role of Parliamentarians in resource mobilization to fight the HIV and AIDS scourge.

Speaking at a meeting facilitated by UNAIDS, Chairperson of the Health Committee Hon. Aurelien Simplice ZINGAS said HIV and AIDS is a public health threat and a global emergency hence the need to properly capacitate Members of Parliament on resource mobilization.

“We also need to move towards increasing domestic resource mobilization. The PAP is ready to take its role to ensure sustainable resource mobilization. Moving with speed on this matter is essential; given the impact HIV and AIDS have on development and poverty,” said Hon. Zingas.

Making remarks at the same meeting, Hon. Lucia Maria Mendes dos PASSOS, Chairperson of the Gender Committee said the cross-cutting nature of HIV and AIDS needs collaboration of various stakeholders in Member States to guarantee successful allocation of resources.

“We could do with creating and maintaining strong links and networks amongst all Members of Parliament and stakeholders. This is not just work for the Ministries of Health and Finance, but it encompasses almost all ministries. Implementation requires participation of a wide range of stakeholders and development of a dissemination and implementation plan at country level,” said Hon Lucia dos Passos.

Emphasizing on the fact that Africa is the most affected continent by HIV and AIDS, yet it heavily relies on external funding; UNAIDS Senior Advisor on Political Partnerships and Social Justice, Dr. Christian MOUALA commended the PAP for taking a leading role as required by the public mandate that gives continental parliamentarians special responsibility to set examples that spur other stakeholders into action.

“We need to be strategic, lobby and work with the Ministries of Health, Finance and other stakeholders before moving to Member States. It is at political level that we can advance with concrete results, clear ideas and systematically coordinated funding to make certain availability of sustainable resources,” Dr. Mouala concluded.