PAP’s 3rd Vice President applauds African Women and Youths

The Pan-African Parliament (PAP) 3rd Vice-President Hon. Bouras DJAMEL has applauded Women and Youth of Africa for their resilience in contributing positively towards building a peaceful Africa.

Hon. Djamel was speaking at the opening of the workshop on the African Union (AU) theme “Silencing the guns, creating a conducive environment for Africa’s development” which is part of the Union’s campaign towards a conflict-free continent.

The theme is intended to ensure that Africa creates for itself; a conducive environment by rallying all stakeholders towards prioritising efforts on peace and socio-economic development and addressing the underlying causes of conflict, thereby setting a platform for development to thrive.

Addressing the joint sitting, Hon. Djamel highlighted the important role played by women and youths towards attaining a gun-free and peaceful Africa saying a lot is done by this group for Africa to achieve Agenda 2063, but it goes unnoticed.

“As a continent, let us appreciate and embrace efforts played by our women and youths in creating a continent that is dominated by tranquillity,” said Hon. Djamel.

The Committees will be workshopped on the theme of the year by the Chairperson of AU’s Peace and Security Organ, H.E Crisantos Obama ONDO, with particular emphasis on the relevance of the Agenda 2063 goals.”