Finance Permanent Committee Reviews PAP Budget


The Permanent Committee on Monetary and Financial Affairs of the Pan-African Parliament (PAP) kick-started its work with a working Session with Management of the Secretariat ahead of the statutory sitting of Permanent Committees, in Midrand on 27 February 2020.

The three-day session is meant to review the financial statements, budget allocation and execution, the PAP 2021 budget framework and budget proposal.

Officiating the meeting, Hon. Bouras DJAMEL, 3rd Vice President who oversees the portfolio on Finance, Human Resources and Administration (FAHR) emphasised on the important role of the Committee, announcing the Bureau’s decision that the PAP budget must be presented to the former for review and endorsement, prior to onwards submission to the African Union Commission (AUC).

“This new way of operation will ensure that Parliament is able to function efficiently, allow Members of Parliament to track the implementation of programs and monitor the budget execution rate, which we would like to see improve,” Hon. Bouras Djamel said.

Addressing the Committee and Secretariat, Chairperson Hon. James Reat GONY said it was urgent for Parliament to work towards getting out of the chronic situation of low budget execution rate but also commended the Secretariat for the improvement displayed in the implementation of programmes. 

“We want this session to help us to present a credible budget. We should not be lamenting low budget allocation with an unsatisfactory execution rate. Key in our planning, should be the agenda of attainment of integration of Africa,” Hon. Gony said.

Committee Members embraced the joint session with management with emphasis on the need for the PAP to start by reviewing the budget of the African Union, as required by its mandate; a practice that stopped three years ago.