The Speaker of the National Assembly of the Popular Power (Parliament) of the Republic of Cuba, the Rt. Hon. Esteban Lazo HERNANDEZ, received on Thursday, 21 February, at the Institutional headquarters of the Cuban legislature, the President of the Pan-African Parliament, the Rt. Hon. Roger Nkodo DANG.

The meeting was part of the week-long official visit ending on Friday 22 February by the African continental parliamentary leader in a bid to strengthen ties with the Island. The Rt. Hon. Hernandez said development of Parliamentary ties with Africa was a priority for Cuba.  He said his country recognizes the role of the African Union in solving the continent's problems.

"We support Africa's struggle for the preservation of its natural resources and believe that resources must be used for the benefit of the African masses themselves. We also support all just causes and encourage resolution of problems through peaceful dialogue," he said.

The Cuban Speaker thanked Africa for supporting the struggle of the Island against economic, commercial and financial blockade.

In his remarks, President Nkodo Dang appreciated the collaboration and service rendered by the professionals of the Island in various countries of Africa; mainly in the health sector. He also thanked Cuba for the opportunity offered by the Caribbean nation to African students to train as professionals in various fields.

The PAP President took the opportunity to congratulate Cuba on the proclamation of the new constitution of the Republic which proposes construction of an independent, sovereign, socialist, prosperous & socialist country; continuing the legacy of Leader Fidel Castro.

As part of the visit on the Island, the PAP delegation held a meeting with the Head of the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Affairs of the legislature, José Luis Toledo, who explained the constitutional reform process that was recently carried out. The Rt. Hon. Nkodo Dang also gave a lecture on PAP, that served as a foundation for a better appreciation of the continental parliament among the Island legislators.