MPs on Capacity building to perfect craft of Making Model Laws

Pan-African Parliament legislators have been capacitated on drafting and interrogate model laws and conducting public hearings. The capacity-building exercise was led by the Permanent Committee on Rules and targeted members of various Committees of PAP.

In outlining the objectives Hon. Kone DOGNON, Chairperson of the Committee on Rural Economy, Natural Resources, Environment and Agriculture said the exercise was imperative because law-making is the main business of legislatures.

“This presents an occasion for us to sharpen our skills and get direction on how we can best serve the needs of the entire African population that is looking upon us to come up with laws that improve the quality of their lives,” said Hon. Kone Dognon.

This training comes hard on the heels of adoption of the Model Laws on Policing in Africa and that on Disability. The facilitator, Dr. Birgit LAUBACH said addressing key issues facing ordinary citizens would certainly enhance the image of PAP and defend its relevance.

“A model law is created as a suggested pattern for law makers in national governments and parliaments of member-states to adopt as part of their domestic legislation. It contains all necessary provisions to regulate, as well as general provisions which must be specified by the national legislators,” said Dr Laubach.

Dr. Laubach underscored the pertinence of the participation of various stakeholders who are non-state actors such as civil society organizations (CSOs) saying such alliances are crucial. “The time has come for PAP to establish a network of NGOs that supports the goals of the African-Union and those of PAP,” said Dr Laubach.

She also observed that the Policing Model Law had taken four years to craft. “This may affect relevance of laws in some instances, as the law may be overtaken by events before it is ready. PAP should consider a crafting procedure no longer than one year and two at the maximum.”

South African Member of Parliament, Hon. Thembekile Richard MAJOLA responded to the capacitation and saying “it is an eye opener to us as Parliamentarians and the engagement has equipped us to be able to effectively participate in model law crafting and to follow through the processes until we have an excellent product.”