PAP -Civil Society relationship invokes hope on the Continent


PAP Vice-President Hon. Chief Fortune CHARUMBIRA has challenged the Civil Society to engage the continental parliament for the sake of progress.

He spoke at the Civil Society Forum held on the margins of the Third Ordinary Session of the Fifth Parliament in Midrand, South Africa.

The Forum was meant to facilitate a discussion on ways through which civil society may develop avenues to counter xenophobic violence in different regions in Africa as well as to enhance protection for refugees and displaced populations in various parts of the continent.

“PAP members need the assistance of Civil Society in shaping a better Africa for all,” said Hon. Chief Charumbira also inviting CSOs to work with the various operational Permanent Committees of the continental Parliament in this regard.

“We need to create an institutional way that gives Civil Society a sense of belonging as well as entitlement to enhance the agenda of PAP and that of Africa. CSOs must not undermine their worth. They are a very pertinent and relevant institution in our continent. Let us be practical about issues affecting our peoples across Africa,” Hon. Charumbira underscored and concluded by calling for respect for democracy, rule of law and accountability.

Centre for Human Rights representative, Professor Magnus KILLANDER expressed hope on the PAP-Civil Society relationship and gratitude to the Vice-President’s message of openness of the Parliament. On the other hand, the Executive Director for the Consortium for Refugees and Migrants in South Africa (CoRMSA), Thifuluftheli SINTHUMULE challenged PAP to assist in fighting hate across the continent.

“We appeal to PAP to come on board to ensure that perpetrators of afrophobia, hate and xenophobia are held accountable. There must be zero tolerance to all forms of evil that are taking Africa backwards,” he said.

Sinthumule also added that the PAP-Civil Society partnership is a necessary tool for a better and developed Africa and to achieve African Union (AU)’s Agenda 2063 goals.