PAP Legislators hail the AfCFTA





Pan-African Parliament (PAP) Legislators have welcomed a Report on the PAP activities on the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) presented by the Committee on Trade, Customs and Immigration Matters.

In July 2019, the agreement establishing the AfCFTA official entered into force at Niamey, Niger; during the extraordinary summit of the AU Heads of State and Government.

“We all agree that regional integration is the key to expand markets, encourage greater competition and improve policies within the different development programmes; Trade is a catalyst for economic growth,” said Hon. Mc Henry VENAANI, Chairperson of the Committee on Trade during the third ordinary Session of the PAP Fifth Parliament.

The Chairperson said PAP would continue to play a significant role in the popularisation, domestication and implementation of the AfCFTA and to work closely with the new AfCFTA Secretariat based in Accra, Ghana.

Hon. Zalikatou DIALLO from Guinea said the future looks good for Africa adding that there is a big potential in this project and encouraging all MPs to lobby for its successful implementation. On the other hand, Zambian representative, Hon Maxas Bweupe NG’ONGA applauded AU for a single regional economic/trade bloc.

“The AfCFTA is the most important in decision that the AU has ever made to move Africa forward. This decision is long overdue. What is required for us to grow as Africa is to do away with the artificial colonial borders.”

The Zimbabwean lawmaker Hon. Dr. Tapiwa MASHAKADA said given a chance, the AfCFTA would prosper the trade activity and become the best engine for growth on the continent.

“Trade will boost supply value chains across the continent. I plead with you all to play a bigger role in publicising the project in collaboration with the civil society and the private sector,” he appealed.

The intensification of Intra-Africa trade is hoped to contribute to the economic diversification of the African economy, increase competitiveness of its exports and create employment for African youth.