Goal to silence guns by 2020 lacks political will; lament PAP MPs!


Pan-African Parliament (PAP) Members have on Thursday 10 October 2019 agreed to intensify efforts towards a peaceful and united Africa.

Following a report of the Committee on Corporation, International Relations and Conflicts Resolutions on the African continent tabled before the Plenary by Hon. Kone Aboubacar SIDIKI, MPs settled on setting a goal to actualise silencing guns by 2020.

The report articulates African Union’s vision of ‘an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa, driven by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force in the international arena.’ Hon. Sidiki said progress had been made in certain areas of Africa and that conflicts in the continent are gradually dropping.

“We are still far from achieving the target, but we must endeavour to do so. There is also an urgent need to pay attention to increasing interferences in Africa by external factors,” said Hon. Sidiki.

The report says tensions between Iran and United States of America also have some negative consequences for Africa. These include the emergence of more foreign military bases on the continent.

Hon. Sen. Aubia NGONGO a representative from the Democratic Republic of Congo received the report saying it gives a clear picture of how security issues look on the continent.

“The major challenge to realize the goal of silencing guns by 2020 is lack of political will,” he submitted.

Burkina Faso representative Hon. Bissiri Joseph SIRIMA expressed concern about worsening security situation amid an upsurge in terrorist attacks.

On the other hand, Hon. Amos Nkosiyakhe MASONDO emphasised President Cyril RAMAPHOSA’s assurance to Nigerian President Muhammadu BUHARI that South Africa is committed to the ideals of African unity and solidarity is one of the examples showing a determined attempt to defend the continent’s security interests.

He added that “President Buhari presented great leadership by normalising relations between South Africa and Nigeria following the former’s state mission to Nigeria and other African countries affected by the recent violence.”