Plenary adopts the Audit and Public Accounts Report


Legislators have expressed hope for the continental legislative body following a presentation of the Report of the Committee on Audit and Public Accounts (CAPA) to the 3rd Ordinary Session of the 5th Parliament currently underway in Midrand, South Africa.
Also presented was a Report of the Seminar on Managing Debt and Fighting Corruption which was co-prepared by CAPA and the Committee on Monetary and Financial Affairs (CMFA).

According to the Chairperson, Hon. Sekou Fantamadi TRAORE, the Committee reviewed the audit reports of the Office of Internal Audit of PAP and Board of External Auditors. These include the Report of the Board of External Auditors for the year ended 31st December 2018, Report by the Office of Internal Audit on the Budget Implementation of the PAP for the year ended 31st December 2018 and implementation status of the recommendations of CAPA, as well as that of the office of Internal Audit and the Board of External Audits from October 2016 to May 2019.

“Looking at the overview of the 2018 PAP budget and its implementation, we realize that the overall budget utilization rate achieved by the PAP in 2018 was 73%. The operational budget utilization rate was 83% while execution rate for program budget was 19%. The auditors observed that this level of utilization was well below the expected average execution rate of 95% given the allowable variance of 5 %,” said Hon Traore.

Commending CAPA on the report, Hon. Mohammed-Mubarak MUNTAKA from Ghana also said “there was still more to be done. We also have to bear in our minds that transparency is key.” Hon. Muntaka urged African Legislators to encourage key systems of accessing information with and from the African Union Commission and called for minimization of unnecessary spending.

Hon. Sidia Sama JATTA of Gambia also applauded CAPA for a ‘job well-done,’ saying
it is impressive that the reports deal with the subject of management of debt and corruption. “We must understand that most countries operate with debt and we need to transform ourselves as well,” he said.

South African MP, Hon. Pemmy MAJODINA assured legislators that her country as a host of the Pan-African Parliament was still committed to honoring the agreement that exists with the African Union.

“As South Africa, we are still committed to support all PAP functions. We are contributing massively for efficiency of PAP and we want to see it living beyond. We appreciate all efforts done, but we need to do more for this institution to grow,” she said.

Hon. Bweupe Joel NG’ONGA urged members to ensure that PAP as an institution is developed. On the other hand, CAPA Vice-Chairperson, Hon. Barbara RWODZI concurred with a suggestion that South Africa should also be allocated strategic and critical positions within the Secretariat.