MPs adopt the PAP Activity Report

African Legislators have deliberated on and adopted the Pan-African Parliament (PAP) activity report during the current ongoing PAP Fifth Parliament’s Third Ordinary Session in Midrand, South Africa.

Presented by the President, the Rt Hon. Roger Nkodo DANG, the activity report covers the period of May to September 2019.

 “I am pleased with progress made so far, we are on track and we need everyone to contribute towards growth of our institution,” said the Rt. Hon. Nkodo Dang.

“PAP has made meritorious efforts to fulfil its strategic objectives through a wide range of activities both statutory and non-statutory. I would like to hereby acknowledge the technical support and contributions received from all stakeholders, whether AU organs and institutions or civil society organisations, which made it possible for the Parliament to achieve several objectives,” he added.

According to the Rt. Hon Nkodo DANG, the PAP has undertaken various activities towards achieving its mandate.

“We are working towards effectively strengthening parliamentary functions of PAP, provide a platform for mainstreaming African voices and those in the Diaspora into the African Union policy-making process, promote human rights and democracy, good governance, development, peace, security and stability, economic integration and development in Africa,” stated the Rt. Hon. Nkodo DANG.

The President concluded that “in line with its core mandate, PAP would continue to assert its relevance and proactiveness by considering and debating the issues that speak directly to the realities of the continent and peoples of Africa. In 2020, the PAP is expected once more mainstream in its activities the African Union theme of the year, which is ‘Silencing the Guns: Creating Conducive Conditions for Africa’s Development.”

Hon. Joseph Yillie CHILE of Ghana said PAP is the hope of Africa and her people.

“Let us make sure the voices of our people are reflected and placed forward. Let us advance our continent and make it a better place for all. We were mandated by our people to shape a correct continent for them.”

Western Sahara representative, Hon. Siniya AHMED, highlighted in his intervention that it is the legislators’ obligation to adopt processes that encourage development and progress for the people of Africa.

Democratic Republic of Congo representative Hon. Janet KABILA made a meaningful attribution that it was important for PAP to embrace processes and achievements the African way.

She emphasized that it was important to praise the Bureau for the report that addresses the managerial processes of PAP.

In his intervention, Hon. Abdiaziz Abdilahi MOHAMED from Somalia invited all countries to ratify the Malabo Protocol saying it would strengthen African Justice and Human Rights systems, add an African accountability layer and strengthen African solutions for African problems.

“Let us engage other countries to come on board so as to achieve our target.”

Hon. Amos Nkosiyakhe MASONDO recommended a professional and ethical conduct of all MPs in the august house saying; “our conduct in this house determines who we are.”

He said it was the legislators’ responsibility to make the house great for the future generations to be proud and reap what is established.

“Let us make recommendations to establish a better Africa and a better world. Let us not subject our people to further injustices they suffered; slavery, colonialism and hate. Let us build one Africa and give it one voice,” he said.