The Institutional Digital Repository gives you access to information documenting the activities of the Pan African Parliament, some documents of other AU Organs, and some  Member States documents.

The PAP developed an Institutional Digital Repository using the Archivalware System for the management, storage, retrieval of information/ documents in various libraries which include  the:

1.      Plenary Collection the Plenary Collection holds information like Reports, Papers (presented to House), List of Members , Messages of Solidarity/ Speeches, Motions and Debates, Decisions, Declarations, Resolutions, Procedural Analysis, Recommendations, Votes and Proceedings, Hansard (consolidated copy), and Photographs; and is open to the public to access the information. 

2.      Committee Collection – is composed of Reports, Minutes, Theme Papers, Photographs and Membership list. 

3.      General Collection – holds Reports, PAP Fact Sheets, PAP Newsletter, Research Papers, Books/ Monographs, Strategic Plans, Photographs, Press Briefings, Media Alerts, Communique, e-books and e-Journal/ journal articles, and books. CLICK TO GO TO THE eLibrary-OPAC 

4.      AU Organs Collection – the AU and Organs Collection is open access and has Decisions, Declarations, Resolutions, Protocols, Policies, Books, Reports, Acts (Constitutive), Conventions/ Agreements, and Charters among other documents.

Member States Collection – This collection holds information resources (publications, links to websites, etc) from the AU Member States. These information resources include Member States constitutions, policies, laws and many other relevant publications) so that the PAP will have the information when it needs. 


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